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Reveal or Revealed may refer to:


Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]






  • "Reveal" (Roxette song), a 2006 song by Roxette from Roxette Hits
  • "Reveal", a 2003 song by Celine Dion from One Heart
  • "Reveal", a 2008 song by Eve Kay from Different Colours
  • "Reveal", a 2009 song by East & Young from First Floor Finest Vol. 15
  • "Reveal", a 2011 song by Boom Bip from Zig Zaj
  • "Revealed", a 1991 song by Cliff Eidelman from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  • "Revealed", a 2005 song by Blank & Jones and Steve Kilbey from Relax Edition 2
  • "Revealed", a 2017 song by De Munari from This Is Now E.P.
  • "Dissolve/Reveal", a 1984 song by Tom Verlaine from Cover
  • "The Reveal", a 2017 song by Danny Elfman from Tulip Fever


  • Reveal, a magazine published by Nat Mags
  • Reveal Magazine, or Drew + Jonathan Reveal Magazine, a quarterly lifestyle magazine launched in 2020 [1]
  • The Revealer, an online magazine which reviews religion in the news

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